Management & Curation

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Unlock boundless potential through expert management and curation of talent and audio assets, empowering captivating presentations that ignite imagination and drive unparalleled success.

Management & Curation

Second Quarter 2024

We specialize in the strategic management of diverse talents, ranging from musicians and DJs to brands and personalities. Our focus is on identifying, nurturing, and elevating creative individuals and entities to their fullest potential. Through meticulous talent management, we assemble teams of exceptional composers and audio producers who excel in crafting immersive sound experiences. From bespoke composing to expert audio production and creating impactful music for film and television, our services empower talents to shine in their respective fields, ensuring their voices resonate globally.

Management & Curation

Our services are offered at hourly rates, daily rates, and project-based rates, with pricing tailored to each individual project.

Production, Scoring, Composing
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