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The core of our work lies in visual creativity. We inject innovation, artistry, and precision into each project, crafting visuals and experiences that enchant and ignite inspiration.

Activations & Experiences

Second Quarter 2024

Our focus is crafting powerful, unique, and unforgettable creative works. We specialize in serving a highly curated clientele who seek not just design but a transformative creative journey. We adopt an hourly billing model for our projects, and although we offer the flexibility to create custom pricing packages, we prefer to tailor them to specific project briefs. While project costs vary across services, we can provide estimates based on our past completed projects to offer clients a clear understanding of potential expenses. Our expertise span across various domains:

Activations & Experiences

Our services are offered at hourly rates, daily rates, and project-based rates, with pricing tailored to each individual project.

Branding, Visual Identity, Design
Logistics and Operations Planning
Budgeting and Resource Allocation

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