October 25, 2023

Therum collaborated with Kingsland NY and Lobos to create a comprehensive suite of marketing materials. This partnership resulted in the production of out-of-home advertising, social media content, motion graphics, and promotional materials, effectively showcasing the Lobos brand and its product line-up.

Visual Direction
Motion Graphics
Social Media Design
Digital Design

Lobos faced a significant challenge: they needed fresh visual direction and innovative ideas for their product promotions and brand communications.

With out-of-home, our focus was on producing billboards, large format posters, and wheat pastings to showcase the diverse range of products offered by Lobos. Our aim was to develop a variety of visual concepts that stayed true to the essence of the Lobos brand while also introducing fresh ideas for future campaigns. These assets were meticulously crafted to enhance brand recognition, promote product visibility, and foster stronger connections with consumers.

For video + motions assets we developed comprising a title card template, several end card bumpers, and logo compositions with messaging. These designs were crafted from the design direction established by Therum and Kingsland, incorporating elements from Lobos’ current brand identity.

Finally on the social media and digital end, leveraging Lobos’ product assets, we crafted impactful paid ads and social media promotions. While adhering to Lobos’ brand guidelines, we incorporated additional branding recommendations to enhance all Lobos creative. 


Elevate the world of Lobos.

Our goal was to completely revamp and elevate all creative assets produced by Lobos. We aimed to showcase the best of the brand while ensuring consistency across multiple forms of media. Our designs were intended to highlight the brand’s potential and demonstrate how much more dynamic Lobos could be in its creative approach. communicate their values and engage their audience in a meaningful way.


Better visuals. More buy-in.

As a result of the project, we produced significantly more impactful creative assets that Lobos utilized across its campaigns. This enhanced the brand’s visibility and showcased its product offerings, leading to improved buyer connections and stronger brand recognition.

All for the pack

All for the pack

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