Lapstone & Hammer

April 17, 2024

Two Rivers. One Lapstone. One Hammer.

3D Design, Product Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Lapstone & Hammers

Help a city specialty retailer develop a one of a kind sneaker as a tribute to the city of Philadelphia

Therum collaborated closely with the renowned store Lapstone and Hammer to create a groundbreaking project: the Two Rivers sneaker. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Philadelphia and the Native American communities that once thrived on its lands, our team embarked on a journey to capture the essence of this cultural tapestry. Leveraging advanced 3D rendering techniques and meticulous mock-up designs, we meticulously crafted every detail of the Two Rivers sneaker, ensuring that it served as a profound tribute to both the city’s heritage and the indigenous peoples who shaped its landscape. Through this collaborative effort, Therum and Lapstone and Hammer brought to life a footwear masterpiece that not only celebrates history but also embraces the spirit of unity and cultural appreciation.


To create a fusion of a Saucony Model with a Moccasin to pay tribute to the native people of the Philadelphia Region

Collaborating with Brian Nadav, the Lead and Owner of the store, was an enriching experience as we embarked on the journey to develop sketches and concepts for the Two Rivers sneaker. Drawing inspiration from a meticulously curated moodboard that delved into Native American clothing, history, and vibrant color palettes, our collaborative efforts were infused with creativity and cultural reverence. Brian’s keen insights and passion for storytelling guided our exploration, as we sought to capture the essence of indigenous heritage in every aspect of the design process. Additionally, our partnership involved thorough analysis of existing shoe models, allowing us to glean insights and inspiration to craft a distinctive and impactful rendition. Together, we seamlessly merged artistic vision with practical considerations, resulting in a sneaker design that embodies the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and cultural homage.


A unique sneaker with a beautiful history.

The culmination of our collaboration with Brian Nadav and Lapstone and Hammer resulted in more than just a new shoe model; it sparked a cultural phenomenon. The Two Rivers sneaker, born from our shared dedication to honoring Philadelphia’s heritage and Native American legacy, quickly became an exclusive symbol of pride for the store and the community. Its release marked an unprecedented success, with the shoe and the entire accompanying collection selling out in record time. The overwhelming demand not only validated our creative vision and meticulous craftsmanship but also underscored the deep resonance of the design with consumers. This project transcended mere footwear—it became a testament to the power of storytelling, collaboration, and cultural appreciation, leaving an indelible mark on both the sneaker industry and the hearts of those who embraced it.

Our final product merges innovation, out of the box thinking, and beautiful sneaker.

Our final product merges innovation, out of the box thinking, and beautiful sneaker.

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